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Reprisal Strike Out With New Music Video 'Nephila'!

UK death thrashers Reprisal are hitting back hard following up from the debut release Ichneumanity. This March 30th sees the release of a new album entitled None Survive The Sun via Hostile Media and is sure to cement the South East England quartet's place in the UK underground.

Today the band unveils the first single from the forthcoming album, a track entitled 'Nephila'. Bassist Theo Brooke explains, "Nephila is about life’s inescapable drive to create more of itself, whatever the cost. It parallels the human experience of love and attraction with those species of spider which practice sexual cannibalism. Both are arbitrary, ruthless and potentially fatal. Are the differences between us purely superficial? At what point does sex become horror? Is death a fair price for the chance to breed?" The video was shot by Scott Canty of Dark North Media.

Watch 'Nephila' Here!

None Survive The Sun finds Reprisal further pushing at the outer limits of their sonic identity, fleshing out a thrash backbone with death metal muscle, strong progressive tendencies and a solid sense of song-craft. The ten compositions set the backdrop for a unifying lyrical palette examining the futility of human endeavour, the brutality of nature and the inevitability of death.

Guitarist Oliver du Toit adds, "the album was recorded by ourselves and David Archer at Audio Empire throughout the Summer and Autumn of 2017, and our goal with the production was to capture both the heaviness and intricacy of our music in equal measure, whilst simultaneously preserving the organic sound of the band. It’s a true representation of where Reprisal are at creatively and artistically in 2018."

Artwork as seen above is the result of a collaboration with a British death metal art legend, the man responsible for iconic covers such as Morbid Angel Altars of Madness, Suffocation Effigy of the Forgotten, Entombed Left Hand Path and many more. We're of course talking about Dan Seagrave. Tracklisting 1. Oxygen Crisis 2. Monomania 3. Cannibal Cosmos 4. Hammer of Light 5. The Great Dying 6. Starmaker 7. The Patronarch 8. The Relic 9. Born Alien 10. Nephila Pre-Order None Survive The Sun Here:

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OUT 28/05/21!